Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Happy Underwear

"Think big thoughts but relish small pleasures."
-- H. Jackson Browne

I'm going to share a little secret.  
In fact, it's so good, I kind of want to make my own line of it, trademark it, sell it at Target and make every woman's day. 


How do you start your day?
I have one guaranteed, sure-fire, way to make your very first moments of the day good ones.
Happy underwear.

No, I'm not joking.
Don't make fun.
Give it a try.
Get an "A" for effort -- go out and find yourself some happy underwear.

Now, I'm not talking sexy underwear.
Although I think we can make the argument that happy can be sexy.
I'm talking underwear that is comfy, perfectly yours and super cute.
When you see those undies in your drawer, you smile.
When you see them in your laundry basket, you can't help it...you just have to fold them up and tuck them away for that great day called tomorrow.

Trust me, 
when you put on happy underwear, 
you can't help it...you get happy.

I just went out and found some more happy underwear...heck, if the kids get new school shoes, the least we can do for ourselves is to find a few new pair of cute, comfy undies.
They weren't expensive.
No, I didn't find mine at Victoria's Secret...although I won't judge you if that's your spot.
I just want every woman to have some happy undies.

Your spouse will thank me.
Your kids will thank me.
Why should the toddlers have all the fun?

It's a simple pleasure and one that can really make a big difference.
If you put on something that makes you feel like a frump, well, then, I guess you give off that frump vibe and you feel like a frump all day long. 
It doesn't even matter how cute that outfit is.  
I can do simple arithmetic.
Frumpy undies + cute outfit = zero.

And, if you're really sad, well, that's OK, stick with some sad undies for awhile...
but, just so you know, there's no downside to happy undies.
I've been on the happy undie bandwagon for years -- decades even.

Life is way too short to have boring undies.
Toss out the utilitarian neutral-colored blah guys.
Anything with snags, (God forbid) holes, extra strings or bad spots must go.

Go ahead.  
Find the time.
 Get some happy underwear and have yourself a great day.
Even you ladies sporting a burqa...bust out for the happy undies.
You can thank me later. :)

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