Monday, April 29, 2013



Here is my joy...

 I call him prozac with fur.

Three years ago he was born...he entered my life 1023 days ago.  There has not been a single day that he didn't add a little bit of joy.  Many, many days he's added big heaping gobs of joy to my life.  As a matter of fact, my love is irrational, biased, over the top and just plain sloppy.  

I like it that way.

I'm officially one of those dog people. And guess what, my dog is one of those kinds...the one who sticks by me, follows me around the house.  Wherever I am, he is.  

Do you notice my pile of clothes in the background of this pic??
 Yeah, me neither.

That's how it goes with Buddy.

He makes it all better.

When one more piece of crap piles on an already bad day and my tears can't hide anymore...little padded paws come and check on me.  They don't tell me to hush.  They don't ask me to explain or need me to think.  A pair of chocolate eyes just looks at me...a wet nose nudges...this unbelievably wise and gentle soul just bears witness and comforts.  He's just there.  Present in the moment.  That alone is enough.

I want to bring him to every hurting place on our planet.  I want him to comfort sad kids, lonely old people, angst-ridden teenagers...even my crabby, weird neighbor.  But then, I wonder.  Maybe his comfort is made for me alone.  (Well, I can't leave out the rest of my family, but you know what I mean.)  Maybe dogs and our other bright spots in our day are just that...our individual, made-just-for-us-in-this-crazy-universe kind of joy.  

Maybe our dog is like our fingerprint...personal, identifying and only ours.

It's a mystery.  
One of my very favorites.  
I waited a long, long time to get a dog...too long.
I'm so very grateful for him.
Grateful for his effervescence.
Grateful for his willingness to just hang out with me day in and day out.
Grateful that somehow our worlds collided and I get to be with him each and every day.

I marvel at the sheer luck...but maybe it is something bigger.
Maybe something, somewhere, knew I needed this kind of love.
Maybe, just maybe, it was meant to be.



  1. Maybe you could get him certified as a therapy dog? My sister worked with our family dog when we were younger to get him certified and its amazing! And then you really could let him comfort others (just for a few minutes....and I'm sure he will save his most special comforting for you!). There is a very special and unique joy in seeing the kind of comfort dogs bring to those who need it most :) My sister would take our dog to a local convalescent home but I know you can go into all kinds of hospitals, etc.