Thursday, March 21, 2013

It's 3/ you know what that means?

It's World Down Syndrome Day!!!

It's time to celebrate!
Turn on the music, dance and show a little enthusiasm.
Three copies on the 21st chromosome and look what happens.
You got sparkle.
You got style.
You got living out loud.

If only the world would stop and notice.

This post is for people holding tiny babies, staring at a karyotype and wondering how on earth their child, their family, their world will ever be normal again.

Oh friend, your world will most definitely not be what the doom-sayers tell you.  
It most definitely will not be tragic.
And it surely won't be boring.
In fact, it will be a whole lot of fun...just look at that picture. :)

People with Down Syndrome LOVE to be part of the mix.
The are social animals.
That's why the idea of excluding and isolating these people makes my heart break.

They know how to party.  They know how to celebrate -- big time.
No one likes a birthday, a wedding, a graduation or a sporting event (with someone he loves playing) more than Patrick.
No one.

Learning to read, or tie your shoes or even walk might take longer --
but it happens.
Dreams come true.
Passions ignite.
In our house, it's Broadway musicals.
But for others I know, their child loves baseball or pop music or skiing.

The universal truths about life are right here for all to see.
Don't judge a book by its cover.
Give people a chance.
Open your heart to new ideas.

We all want the same things: love, friendship, connection.
We cry in the same language; laugh in the same language; bleed in the same language and
love in the same language.

We are more alike than different., celebrate those people with an extra chromosome.
If you don't know anybody...sorry to say, you are missing out.
Maybe you want to check out the Special Olympics and offer to volunteer.  Or look into your local city's services.
There's a whole world of great people out there just dying to meet you.

If you do know somebody...give them a high five.
Better yet, turn on some music and dance.
They are worth knowing and most definitely worth celebrating.

Patrick, you make me laugh.
You've made my world wider.
You give me strength, hope and so much joy.
Here's to you -- and all of your friends with designer genes!

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