Monday, October 20, 2014

What Love Is you remember the young couple I wrote to over here in the blog piece, 

Well a lot has happened since that time.
Just a few days after that post, sweet baby Jonah was born nine weeks early.
It was a traumatic birth for both mother and baby...brutal, difficult, scary.

Not one single step has been easy for sweet Jonah.

There were definitely moments where Jonah's life was in danger as well as his mom's.

Do you know what I've seen from Jonah's mom and dad, time and time again?


I've seen shy smiles.
I've seen tenderness and gentleness and overwhelming care for their tiny bundle.

They've been there waiting to hold him, love him, whisper to him and talk to him.
They've read him board books, brought loved ones over to see him and generally have been keeping vigil over their most precious son.

This, my friends, is what love looks like.

While ISIS does it's vicious, evil deeds in Syria and Iraq,
while Ebola becomes a common topic for discussion,
a new mom and dad are over here loving their precious son...
and letting him know in every way, every day that they are here for him.

Love is so very patient...tending and watching.
Love is nurses and doctors and others who are in the way...but always to that bundle.
Love isn't asking for an easier path.
Love isn't rude or self-seeking or easily angered.

Always protecting.
Always trusting.
Always hoping.

Love shows up.
Day in and day out.
Even when it's really hard and you don't want to.

Sweet baby Jonah is doing much better.
He's still in the hospital but he's getting chubby.
He's had his surgery for his intestinal blockage.
He's even had a bath!
He's getting real nutrition and beginning to have opinions...which is always a good sign.

Jonah is blessed to know deep, abiding love.
I couldn't be more grateful for Jeff and Melissa's example.
They are grace-in-the-ordinary dealing with extraordinary circumstances.

Melissa and Jeff -- congratulations to you both.
Through your love for each other and for Jonah you are changing the world.
We can't help but want to be more like you.

Love never fails.

You know that.
Thanks for the reminder.

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  1. I am so glad to get this update. I have been praying for Jonah every day. I hope he continues to improve and gets to go home soon.