Wednesday, July 2, 2014

25 Ways

July 1st, 1989, John and I got married.
It was a sunny day filled with family, friends and a lot of good music.

We knew nothing...
we were babies.

And now, flash, ka-bam, whoosh...25 years have gone by.

25 years.

I read somewhere that Anne Lamott (whom I adore and admire) thinks that there are only three important prayers:

Although I love the simplicity, I'm not too sure about that...seems like God might be able to handle a little more depth there.

But in a marriage...that's where those three prayers just might be miraculous.


So many ways, so many days, you have helped...
with the midnight barfing,
the conundrum of children's sports/activities and conflicting schedules,
the indoor/outdoor messes that just never end,
the endless garbage taking-out chore
(traded, in a moment of sheer brilliance on my part, for the endless bed-making chore)
with the big questions of life...

which leads me to THANK YOU!
For never missing a single chemo treatment for Patrick's 3+ year leukemia journey...
that alone makes you a complete bad ass.
For always having a smile or a joke or at the very least an inappropriate remark at 
the exact right moment.
For being able to see the bright side, even in the middle of darkness.
For being the ultimate DJ, always having a playlist and a song that IS the moment.
For being one hell of a dad, daddy or dobby depending on the day --
trust me, that devotion and irrational love is crazy sexy.
For taping your eye shut when my eye needed to be taped shut...full a terrible time...
that act of love is my inspiration to this day...
I want to love like you.

which morphs into WOW!
4 kids? 
never would have believed it and yet, here they are...
what crazy, amazing gifts -- our very best dreams come true -- together.  
Out of the everywhere into the here.


One dog, one rat, two bunnies, five cars, three different addresses, 
countless hours of late-night Christmas Eve put-togethers,
hundreds of barbecues,
silent nights,
loud, obnoxious mornings, 
25 years of
slivers of time.

No one I'd rather spend it with...
my love.

Thank you for being my help, my thank you and my wow!
Thank you for 25 years...
how can that be?

Sunset selfie...June 2014.


  1. Great perspective Beth! I needed this today:)

  2. Meant to post this on teenage piece, but great perspective here too:) And congrats!