Wednesday, January 22, 2014


What do you think makes for a happy life?
Truth's not much.

Something to love.
Something to hope for.
Something to do.

Those are the "grand essentials" of happiness...if you have that, you are pretty much batting 1000.
Sometimes we go through times where we are out of balance:
I have too much to do and nothing to love.
My dreams feel out of "hope for" is a joke.
My "something to do" feels mind-numbing and monotonous.
But, the process of life forces us to find a way to make room for the big three.

And when we's magic...poof: happiness.

So, on this anniversary of the biggest decision of our courts to allow abortion to be legalized I want to ask all of you...
are we better off choosing death over life?

Does our world see the sacredness of life?
In our world of technology and amazing photography we can all clearly see that life in utero is most definitely going on in there.
We have fingernails and toes and full 3-D images that show perfect profiles of the children within.
Can we at least establish that the "clump of cells" concept is out dated?
That's no clump of cells...there's a full fledged human in there.

Now, that human might not be convenient.
It might be the object of very bad timing.
It might be born into poverty or sadness or a messed up world.
But what it takes to be a full-fledged human baby is so miraculous it deserves that chance.

With abortion, we've accepted the idea that life is a convenience.
We have swallowed the idea that some lives are worth living and others are not.
We've been enveloped in a world that takes the sacred and the holy out of conception and birth.

Anyone who has been witness to a birth knows that it is sacred ground.
A portal.
A passage from another world and into ours.

Shutting that down seems like an impossibility but the side that embraces abortion has done just that.

What are the odds that a baby will arrive in your life?
None of us know.
We can try and try and try and still be infertile.
We can have one child and be unable to have another.
We can have sex one time and find ourselves pregnant.

It's a crapshoot.
It always is.

And that's the beauty of it.

It's a leap of faith.
A crazy idea.
A wild, unbelievable blessing.

A miracle.

Yes, friends, a full-fledged miracle.
Healthy or not.
Poor or not.
Crack-addicted or not.


Out of the everywhere and into the here.

I have a child that the world views as disposable.
People have asked me "if I knew"...insinuating in the most despicable way (but always with the brightest smile and most interested face) that if I had known I might have chosen better...
I always answer that I did know -- in my heart, with the strongest premonition I've ever had -- but all of my tests came back 
all-clear.  Including my favorite one, the ultrasound where the technician pointed out all four chambers of Patrick's tiny baby heart, when in fact, he was born with no chambers and needed open heart surgery almost immediately.

Yes, I have a child that many, many people believe should be terminated...his life is too terrible, 
too burdensome, too much trouble to be allowed to breathe another breath.

Ummmm, not really.

Tonight, I had a regular old boring night.
I made breakfast for dinner.
Walked Caroline through the basics of borrowing in subtraction.
Found my son who is "disabled" more able than me with our TV system...finagling some way to watch You Tube on our TV?!?
Read books with both Patrick and Caroline before bed.
Listened to their prayers.
Cleaned up some dishes.
Procrastinated, yet again, on making lunches for tomorrow.

Not one time did I wish my son wasn't born.
Not one time did I watch him interact with his sister and think anything other than I wish they would stop annoying each other.
Not one time.

Babies are
My prayer is that some day our entire world can hold sacred every life:
the unwanted, the inconvenient, the disabled, the difficult, the very old and fragile.
Every life.

I don't believe any of this is a "choice".
Gifts that are given.
People waiting, just waiting, to rock your world...
one tiny baby footprint at a time.

Tonight, I am grateful for my children.
Grateful for all of the children I have been privileged to know and love.
I am also profoundly grateful for the gift of life...most especially my own.
Messy and funny.
Thank you God for this sacred time of being alive.
Man, is it beautiful.


  1. I have an 8 year old boy with DS who we adopted. He lived in a crib until he was 5. He's more delayed then he would be because of that we are convinced. But, someday he will stand next to his daddy drinking a soda like yours and we will celebrate that ordinary moment. Thanks for sharing this beautiful ordinary picture...

  2. Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment! :) Picturing your son wasting away in a crib, untended and unloved, for FIVE years just makes me nauseous. I am so so so grateful he found a way into your family. I cannot wait to see the picture of your son just hanging with his dad, standing up, both of them with drinks in their hands. I know the day cannot be far away and we will all be cheering. Keep in touch! ~Beth