Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Crazy Ones Who Don't Take No For An Answer

For lack of attention, a thousand forms of loveliness elude us every day."  
                           -- Evelyn Underhill

I went to take Buddy for a walk this morning and look who caught my attention...this little upstart weed.  He has some nerve, some courage, and some hutzpah.  No one planted him carefully and whispered in his ear how capable and beautiful he was.  No one tended him, watered him and made sure the sunlight was just so.  Nope.  He did it all on his own.  What's even more amazing, no one even noticed.  He is taking root in the middle of a sidewalk.  His very existence means being trampled virtually constantly and yet, there he stands: green, strong and not to be denied his chance at life. Good for you little guy!

Immediately my mind travels to the many upstarts in our world: the Gailieos, the Martin Luthers, the Ghandis, the Mother Theresas and the Martin Luther Kings of the world.  They would not be denied.  They had a mission, a vision and a strength even while being trampled (sometimes literally) that can serve as inspiration for all of us.  They were told no and they didn't listen.  They received no support.  They were called crazy, radical and often much crueler names and still they stood there.  Sometimes they were isolated, like Galileo until they announced that they had changed their mind (which he never did) -- even the pain and heartbreak of loneliness couldn't worm its way past Galileo's undeniable belief and strong resolve.

I can't help but think of the many, many thousands of people in Egypt yesterday who held their ground like this little weed.  Each of them risking ruin, injury and the crushing defeat that can often only accompany a struggle to change government and hand power over to a new group. Yet, they stood their ground.  For 18 days, they grew stronger and stronger with the knowledge that they were together in this struggle and they somehow had the ability to be peaceful and calm.  Even more amazing, their army did not turn against them.  Like a good referee, the army stood alongside their people and allowed the events to play out without interruption. The powerful and life-affirming ideas of freedom and independence could not be denied.  I am so proud of these people and so inspired.  Today, humanity, freedom and peaceful resistance changed the world.

Were you watching?  Did it take your breath away?  Did you pause and reflect at the way the ripples of big ideas just keep going?  I did!  Good for you, citizens of Egypt, good for you!


  1. I feel this post could be the beginning--or foreword to your book--(that I would like to reserve a copy of right now please!) There is SO much to love about this post. This can be applied to so much in the world...and you expressed it all because of a little, unyielding weed. Wow. SO powerful.

    I'm a HUGE fan of Martin Luther King Junior--in my latest post I even said how much I want to teach others about him as a teacher...and how much people can learn from others who are strong, resilient yet gentle and kind at the same time like him.

    Oh, Beth. You have many talents, but your writing is a true gift. You are a gem! I love how you truly notice the grace in the ordinary. The ordinary is my favorite--have I told you this before? I love meeting ordinary people who do extraordinary you...who inspire so many lucky people who get to read about life on your little corner of the internet. You are just fabulous! Thanks for writing! :o)

  2. Hi Beth..
    You noticed the little weed...he was waiting for the right person to come along and speak of his symbolism....that was you :) How much goes unnoticed in life? How much "humbleness" is out there? A lot I think. Your post was beautiful...keep them coming..I look forward to reading them...I wish I was as deep as you are :)
    ~~Hugs my friend