Sunday, January 23, 2011

Welcome to my little corner of the internet!

For quite a while I have been wrestling with the idea of having a blog.  I wanted it to MEAN something on a grand scale and then I got stuck.  Then I just wanted it to be a place to think...that helped a bit.  Today I realized that this whole process is a lot like getting a dog.  You have to be willing to take it on walks (or post), you have to be careful that your dog doesn't act too crazy around others (your words aren't offensive) and you have a to take a leap of faith.

I have a little corner of the internet all to myself!  I'm excited.  I want to use this spot to acknowledge the grace that is in the ordinary.  Sometimes it may just be a photo.  Sometimes a crystallized moment.

Today's is about Buddy...which is of course, cosmically correct.  This morning I was hours late for his regular old walk.  I was feeling guilty and lame.  I was hesitant to even look at him since I thought he might have that...Hey-you-lame-human-have-you-noticed-yet-you-owe-me-a-walk look.  But, he didn't.  Instead, he hung out by me as I was getting ready.  Just for the sheer joy of hanging around with me.  Yep. I'm that good.  He rolled around on his back on the floor as I made my bed, twisting and fully enjoying the chance to play by himself on his back in a big open space.  It was at that moment that I paused and realized for the millionth time that maybe we can learn profound truths from dogs.  They sure know how to live: greeting every single person with warmth and wild abandon, napping frequently and always ready for a walk around the block with a friend. More than anything, they live in the moment.  Right now is exactly right.  Today's grace: You really are enough, perfectly enough.  Buddy's shown me so and I believe him.


  1. Hello there! Welcome to the blogosphere! I always love hearing your ideas and reading your wonderful writing. I love your grace for today:) When you're feeling really worn out, it's great to remember to stop stressing, and just enjoy- you are enough! Plus, this weather is just too darn gorgeous not to go out there and enjoy:)

  2. LOVE everything about this--but mostly the fact that you are voluntarily sharing your wisdom with the blog world. LUCKY us. I'm so happy to visit your little corner of the internet. And I'm so glad for Buddy. You are a phenomenal writer. Thanks for sharing!

  3. YAY!! I have been waiting for this day. I knew you would enter the blog world eventually and boy let me tell's lucky to have you!!!! I am so excited to read your thoughts cus I already know how much I love hearing them. yayayayyayay!!!

  4. So glad you are doing this, Beth. I'm grateful to have you forging the way for John Michael and our family. Looking forward to reading your blog.